2007 APCTP Workshop on
Frontiers in Nuclear and Neutrino Physics

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics(APCTP), POSTECH,
Pohang, Korea
Feb. 26(Mon) ~ 28(Web.), 2007


1. Overview

  The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) is pleased to announce the 2007 APCTP Workshop on Nuclear and Neutrino Physics.  The Workshop, organized by LENS (Low Energy Nuclear Science) group, is open for all the researchers and students in nuclear physics and related fields.  The purpose of the Workshop is mainly to provide an overview of the current research activities in Low Energy Nuclear Physics and Neutrino Physics. The Workshop program will focus on the following three topics for current nuclear physics: Low Energy Nuclear and Neutrino Astrophysics, Hadron Physics, and Heavy Ion Physics. The sessions will consist of only invited plenary talks. The Workshop will be a good playground, where researchers in different fields of nuclear physics can communicate with each other and introduce the current research activities to the graduate students.
  The topics will include low energy nuclear astrophysics, neutrino oscillation and its properties, exotic hadrons and their properties with an emphasis on J-PARC physics, and heavy-ion physics. The official language during the school will be Korean.


2. (Tentative) Program

Session 1 : Neutrino mixing and mass

C.W. Kim (김정욱) (KIAS & Johns Hopkins Univ.) : Neutrino Physics (to be confirmed)

S.K. Kang (
강신규) (Sogang Univ.) : Reviews on Neutrino mixing and mass
S.B. Kim (
김수봉) (SNU): Reactor Experiments for Neutrino Oscillation

H.J. Kim (
김홍주) (KNU): Double Beta Decay

S.T. Hong (
홍순태) (EWU): Neutrino magnetic moment

Session 2 : Neutrinos, Cosmology and Nuclear Astrophysics

Yong-yeon Keum (금용연) (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
                                      : Primordial Neutrinos in the interacting Dark-Energy Scenario
C. H. Lee (
이창환) (PNU): Hypernova and Black Hole Spin Correlation in Soft X-ray Black Hole                                          Binaries
T.S. Park (
박태선) (KIAS): Introduction to effective field theory for astrophysical nuclear reactions 

I. S. Hahn (
한인식) (EWU): Introduction to experimental nuclear astrophysics

Session 3 : Heavy Ion Physics at SPS & FAIR

S. H. Lee (이수형) (Yonsei Univ.): Physics opportunities with heavy quark systems at FAIR
I. -K. Yoo (
유인권) (PNU): Current Heavy Ion Experiments and Results Survey
B. Hong (
) (Korea Univ.): Prospects of the FAIR project at GSI

Session 4 : Heavy Ion Physics at RHIC & LHC

G. R. Shin (신기량) (Andong National Univ.): ALICE wonderland and Hopes
I. C. Park (
박인규) (Univ. of Seoul): Jet finding in the Heavy Ion programs at LHC
Y. I. Kwon (
권영일) (Yonsei Univ.): Study of strong interaction at the Large Hadron Collider

Session 5 : Hadron Physics

H. Choi (
최호명) (KNU): Conformal symmetry and pion form factor - Soft and hard contributions
J. K. Ahn (
안정근) (PNU): Experimental status of the Xi-N interaction
W. Kim (
김우영) (KNU): Recent results from Jefferson Lab
S. Nam (남승일) (PNU): Quark-gluon mixed matrix elements within the framework of the non-local                                     chiral quark model
S. U. Chung (
정수억) (Brookhaven National Lab): TBA

Special Session : Mini Milky Way Forum
After banquet, there will be a session for Mini Milky Way Forum
(Talk by Milky Way Forum chairman : D.-P. Min, SNU, KRF)

Tour Session : If time permitting, there will be a tour of PAL.

3. Workshop site

APCTP headquarter in Pohang(http://www.apctp.org/)
Details will be announced later.

4. Registration and Accommodation

  To attend the APCTP 2007 Winter School on Nuclear Physics, a registration is required, particularly for a reservation of your lodging and for a financial support. The registration fee is 50,000 Won (30,000 Won for students). Please register before February 4, 2007 by sending a registration form to tspark@kias.re.kr. The registration fee can be paid at the registration desk on Jan. 22. If you need a financial support for the registration fee, please apply to the organizers by using the registration form. The registration form can be downloaded from the LENS homepage or from the APCTP homepage.

  The location and facilities of the lodging will be announced later.

5. Organizers

In Sik Hahn (Ewha Woman’s Univ.)
Seung-Woo Hong (SKKU)
Yeongduk Kim (Sejong Univ.)

Tae Sun Park (KIAS)

6. Contact

Tae Sun Park (KIAS)
TEL) 02 - 958 - 3758