HIM 2009-05 Bulletin
(STAR Asia Meeting 2009)

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The first STAR Asia Meeting (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions) was successfully held with total 76 participants from Korea, China, USA and other countries. The purpose of this meeting was to bring all asian STAR collaborators maximizing  their contributions to ths STAR as well as the heavy ion physics society in the world. Through 4 full day programs, the participants could share academic results, develop new ideas and educate and/or encourage their students.

The list of all participants can be found at the conference webpage http://him.phys.pusan.ac.kr/~STAR

2. In the 2nd day (May 7), specially we had very fruitful discussions and presentations on STAR computing and data transfer from BNL to KISTI including possible coworking between Korea and China. The KISTI is preparing to provide considerable computing resources for the STAR with high end research network technology as Asian gateway.

3. The 2nd KORIA (Korea Rare Isotope Accelerator) session was held after the conference. Possible nuclear Physics programs were discussed theoretically as well as experimentally in detail. Some main ideas were collected for the future project at KORIA, and a collaboration was suggested to be organized by Prof. B.Hong.

4. All contributions are available at the conference webpage  http://him.phys.pusan.ac.kr/~STAR

The next HIM (HIM 2009-09) will be held at Pohang APCTP Headquater in September. with title  "The 1st RUN at LHC (CMS)". Prof. B. Hong (Korea Univ.) and Prof. I. Park (Univ. of Seoul) would serve as main organizers for the HIM 2009-09. An active program will be announced as soon as it is ready, at the HIM-hompage (http://him.phys.pusan.ac.kr). We hope to see many active participations in Pohang


6. The 7th Nuclear Physics School 2009(NPS 2009) will be held at Pohang APCTP Headquater on June 29 (Mon.)  ~ July 3 (Fri.). This school, hosted by the nuclear physics division of the Korean Physical Society, is intended primarily for the first and second year Ph.D. students, and also open to all levels of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in either experimental or theoretical nuclear physics. The primary aim of this school is to provide future researchers with a broad perspective in current research and the basic nuclear physics knowledge in the field.

The registraion fee (100,000 Korean Won) will cover the accommodation, lunch and banquet. The registration fee can be paid by bank transfer as below :


    Bank : Woori Bank

    Bank account number : 494-061622-13-002

    Account Holder's Name : APCTP

    Registraion Fee : 100,000 Korean Won (Optionally : 70,000 Korean Won without accommodation)

    * For any kind of financial support, please ask the principal of the NPS 2009 (Prof. HyunChul KIM) via email (hchkim@inha.ac.kr).


7. During NPS 2009 at APCTP Pohang Headquater, a special session on KORIA will be held.
Many active participations are expectied.